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About Encona

‘Encona’, the brand, was first registered by parent company Enco Products Ltd. Soon after the company was incorporated in December 1946 and during the 1950’s and 1960’s, when West Indians first began to arrive in the UK, the company sold Caribbean grocery products such as peas, beans and pounded yam, ground rice and cornmeal products. It was not until 1975 that we first introduced our Hot Pepper Sauce range under the ‘Encona’ name...and we haven’t looked back since!

Having passionately served the Caribbean community in the UK for over 40 years in supplying delicious, quality sauces prepared to original recipes and containing blends of the most authentic chillies, spices and ingredients. Our iconic square embossed glass bottle has become the category symbol for quality, trust and delicious, authentic flavours. Whilst other brands have come and gone, Encona have grown to become the definitive number 1 UK Hot Pepper Sauce brand and so too has our customer base grown to include a wider mainstream audience of consumers looking to add a dash of inspiration to their everyday dining occasions.

Encona now has a range of over 18 delicious sauces to enjoy with your family and friends. In addition to all your Caribbean favourites, you can now enjoy a variety of flavours from across the globe such as Indian Sweet Mango Chilli, Thai Sweet Chilli, African Peri Peri, Brazilian BBQ and Mexican Smokey Jalapeno.

Our best selling range is available in a variety of different pack formats and heat levels, from mild to extra hot, there’s something for everyone!

Encona Sauces are wonderfully versatile. Great as a dipping sauce, a marinade, a cooking ingredient or as a delicious, everyday table sauce for all your favourite foods!  Why not try drizzled into stir-fries, rice dishes, dips and salad dressings. Also great brushed onto food during grilling or barbecuing, and stirred into soups and stews.


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